Carbeth Inn – Home

Welcome to the online home of the Carbeth Inn – a website dedicated to the history and memories of the wee pub in the middle of nowhere.┬áThe Carbeth Inn was established in 1816 and is situated on the Stockiemuir Road, Blanefield. It is one of only a few pubs & restaurants marked on most road maps.

It is a pub that almost everyone in the West of Scotland will have at least one fond memory of, but sadly a pub that has struggled more than many others as the industry has nose dived over the past decade. Everyone who has visited The Carbeth Inn feels passionate about how it should be, yet it struggles to attract anyone beyond the local hutters or passers by during the wet and cloudy days that dominate our Scottish climate. But on it’s day, when the sun is shining, no pub on the planet can compete with it’s majestic view and unique atmosphere.